Webinar: Putting Identity at the Center of Your Universe

Infutor and Invoca CEO Gregg Johnson discuss the power of first-party data in meeting customer needs and why the brands who focus on identity will see clear success in the future.

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Cory Davis

Cory Davis

Director of Partnership Development, Infutor

Gregg Johnson

Gregg Johnson

CEO, Invoca

Like consumers, the marketing landscape is rapidly changing. But there’s a constant: Identity is a brand’s key differentiator. In this discussion, we sit down with Gregg Johnson, the CEO of AI-powered call tracking and analytics platform Invoca, to discuss the present and future of marketing and identity. Invoca empowers real time marketing and helps brands reduce acquisition costs with AI-powered call tracking and conversational analytics. Learn about the power that first party data holds now in meeting consumer needs, and why the best is yet to come for brands that leverage identity.

Here's what we'll cover:

    • Why identity is the center of Invoca’s universe
    • The relationship between identity and first party data and why that matters
    • How martech leaders can adapt to rapid change in consumer preferences and behaviors
    • Which trends brands and martech companies should be focusing on right now
    • Where their focus will need to be in five years

Learn about the power of identity
and how it will set your brand apart.

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