The Newest Privacy and Compliance Guide for Omnichannel Marketers

Data Privacy and Data Governance is Key to Omnichannel Marketing Success

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Infutor's latest white paper provides insight into:

  • The reasons data privacy and data governance are key to omnichannel success
  • The value of linking fractional identities across multiple platforms
  • Important steps you should be taking to ensure data privacy for omnichannel marketing
  • Questions you should ask your third party data provider about their privacy and data governance policies

In today's digital age, consumer identity data pours in from a variety of different platforms faster than a marketer can make sense of it. The most successful brands keep their fingers on the pulse of their consumers by linking consumer identities and consumer interest data. But, the foundation of this success relies heavily on consumer privacy and data governance.

This complete guide to data privacy and compliance for omnichannel marketers focuses on the importance of protecting consumer identity information in an omnichannel universe.

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