The Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance

Avoiding Invitations to Class Action Suits

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Infutor's Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance provides recent insights into the:

  • Risks associated with calling or texting reassigned and/or ported phone numbers without consent
  • Steps your business can take to avoid non-compliance 
  • Important questions to ask a prospective data provider for telephone processing 
  • Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding rules and regulations of TCPA 

The explosive growth in TCPA litigation has been fueled by advances in technology and unsettled questions regarding key terms in the law. Furthermore, the statutory provisions continue to become muddied as more people favor mobile phones over landlines and utilize text messaging as an essential form of communication. This uncertainty has led to a growing need for businesses to implement a TCPA compliance strategy in order to avoid fines ranging from $500-$1500 per violation.

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