How Consumer Identity Data Breakage is Costing Your Business

Lost marketing scale, lost revenues - and what to do about it

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Infutor’s latest white paper, provides insight into:

  • The causes of consumer identity data breakage
  • How data breakage erodes your marketing efforts
  • What you can do to address the damage and maximize your marketing returns

Knowing who your customers are is at the center of most marketing initiatives, and your consumer identity data drives a significant portion of those strategies. But, if a large percentage of that contact information is unusable, your marketing returns suffer. This is the source of ROI-damaging data breakage.

Breakage can occur at almost every point in the life of your data — from creation to ingestion, to transfers from one system to another, to time itself as your data ages, which can result in inaccurate segmentation and personalization for outbound campaigns and inbound engagements.

Every marketer wants to improve the results of their efforts and addressing data breakage will quickly help you achieve those results.

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