Stanford University Taps Infutor's Identity Graph for Rent Control Research

Infutor provides rich insights for Stanford University's rent control research.

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Specifically, the data helped identify:

  • How many San Francisco residents lived in rent-controlled units
  • Length of residency in rent-controlled units in San Francisco 
  • How much money San Francisco residents saved in below-market rental units 
  • How often landlords converted units to new types of housing not covered under rent control 
  • How median rents changed since the 1990s 

Focusing on migration patterns of renters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Stanford Graduate School of Business Professors Rebecca Diamond and Tim McQuade along with PhD student Franklin Qian embarked on a new study examining the effects of rent control expansion.

Download this case study to gain insight into how Stanford researchers used Infutor data to draw conclusions on residential movements.

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