How to Drive Higher Conversion Rates and ROI in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Maximize Travel and Tourism Marketing Success with Market Segmentation

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In this guide you will gain a better understanding on:

  • What market segmentation is and the different ways it can be implemented
  • The type of consumer data needed to lay the groundwork for effective segmentation
  • How to find the right strategic segmentation partner to ensure success

Travelers leave behind “footprints” of their life journeys in the form of consumer data: where they’ve lived and traveled, how many children and different jobs they’ve had, and the media they’ve used. This consumer intelligence provides deep insights into behavioral data, interests, demographics, lifestyles, purchasing patterns, and more.

It's important for those in the travel and tourism industry to ensure that they are speaking to the right audiences. And to do this, they need to follow these "footprints.”

If you're considering market segmentation, you are likely among the many travel and tourism organizations who won't settle for the status quo. Read more to gain the knowledge you need to maximize your conversion rates and ROI.

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