How Artificial Intelligence Is Powering Marketing And The Consumer Identity It Needs To Succeed

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This webinar will:

  • Provide statistics around the velocity at which identity changes and the impact it has on AI
  • Showcase how consumer identity data and behavioral attributes contribute to marketing AI 
  • Break down the pros and cons of using first party data vs. third party data and provide recommendations on what strategy is best 
  • Offer insight into how identity data can help predict which omnichannel approach is best for your marketing program 

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Infutor CTO, John Barnes, explores the impact artificial intelligence can have on marketing programs and provides insight on how to make this powerful engine run successfully.

IDC estimates that spending on machine learning will potentially exceed $46 billion by the year 2020. While AI could significantly enhance your automated marketing, the success of your programs relies heavily on the accuracy of your consumer identity data.

Listen now to learn more about how artificial intelligence is powering marketing.

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