MQ&C Advertising

Providing a strong consumer identity foundation for marketing scale and segmentation

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Infutor's recent case study provides insight into how MQ&C Advertising:

  • Experienced a 20% lift in conversion rates
  • Increased consumer identification and scoring rates by 30%
  • Bolstered its leadership position in the martech industry

This case study featuring digital agency and marketing technology business, MQ&C, breaks down the steps this martech leader took to ensure it remained a leader in the highly competitive, results-driven industry.

Working mainly with niche online retailers, brick and mortar stores, home services companies and financial service providers, MQ&C needed more accurate identity markers - phone, email, names and addresses - to add value to its services for its clients.

Access our free case study to learn more about how MQ&C uses Infutor's identity resolution and enrichment services

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