Understand How Data Breakage Costs Your Business

Consumer identity data breakage costs you lost marketing scale, lost customer and lost revenues

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Infutor’s latest infographic, provides insight into:

  • What data breakage is
  • Statistics on the rate of data change within your own database 
  • 6 strategies to address data breakage and boost marketing results 

Your consumer identity data drives a large portion of your marketing efforts such as personalization, targeting and segmentation. And, your business likely ingests identity data from a variety of touchpoints, which may include consumers filling out online forms, placing inbound phone calls to your customer contact center or transacting at a brick-and-mortar location.

But with consumers providing incorrect or incomplete identity details and contact information aging in between engagements, up to one-third of your CRM* houses incomplete, incorrect or duplicated customer profiles. This is the source of ROI-damaging data breakage.

Understanding the negative impact that consumer identity data breakage has on your business and how addressing those issues will quickly help you achieve the marketing results you desire is essential to short and long term success.

Access our complimentary infographic now to start addressing consumer identity data breakage.

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